The Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory has a wide international network of formal and informal research collaborates. We have collaborated with a number of educational institutions, research institutes, and companies, some of these are mentioned below.


  • Royal Institute of Techology (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • The Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • London College of Communication (London, UK)
  • University of Leeds (Leeds, UK)
  • University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK)
  • University of Milano (Milano, Italy)
  • University of Burgundy (Dijon, France)
  • Silesian Technical University (Gliwice, Poland)
  • Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications (Paris, France)
  • Linköping University (Norrköping, Sweden)
  • Glasgow Caledonian University (Glasgow, UK)
  • University of Kentucky (Kentucky, US)
  • Lillehammer University College (Lillehammer, Norway)
  • University of Oslo (Oslo, Norway)
  • University of Eastern Finland (Joensuu, Finland)
  • Université Jean Monnet (St. Etienne, France)
  • Universidad de Granada (Granada, Spain)
  • Buskerud University College (Kongsberg, Norway)

Research Institutes

  • SINTEF (Norway)
  • Norwegian Computing Center (NR) (Norway)
  • Institute of Graphic Media (IGM) (Norway)
  • Fraunhofer FOKUS (Germany)


  • Drylab R&D (Norway)
  • Océ Print Logic Technologies (Creteil, France)
  • Océ Technologies B.V. (Venlo, the Netherlands)
  • Océ-Norge A.S. (Oslo, Norway)
  • Tomra Systems ASA (Norway)
  • NADA (Norway)
  • Statens Forvaltningstjeneste (Norway)
  • Aller Trykk (Norway) 
  • Hjemmet Mortensen (Norway)
  • Voxvil AB (Sweden)
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