Successful MUVApp kick-off meeting in Prague during the 4th CIE symposium on Colour and Visual Appearance

The MUVApp project team at the Colourlab along with some of the associate partners in the project had a successful kick-off meeting in Prague in conjunction with the 4th CIE Sympoisum on Colour and Visual Appearance. Some of the project members attended the tutorials and the symposium held on 5 - 7 september 2016 before the kick-off on Sept 8, 2016. The symposium was a good platform to revise and learn the state-of-the-art within the field of Measuring and Understanding Visual appearance. More details regarding the symposium can be found at sympoisum website

The kick-off meeting started with Jon Yngve Hardeberg introducing the project and discussing the project topic and commitments to RCN in the project. The researchers (existing and new recruited) presented themselves and presented the research work carried out till now and possible research directions in the coming years. Project partner CNAM attended the meeting and discussed on possible support and collaboration with NTNU in the project. 

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