Colourplay - colour science research through gameplay

Colour surrounds and affects us all. Customers of colour imaging products, such as TV and computers, often use colour attributes when purchasing a product, i.e. the colour should be correct. It is also known that the colour of familiar objects seen in the past, often referred to as memory colours, should be correct or as close as possible to seen colour. A common method for observers to reproduce colours is colour mixing, where an observer, by controlling various colour channels, can produce a colour from memory or to match towards a reference colour. Existing research has shown great diversity among observers when performing colour mixing experiments. In order to obtain a sufficiently diverse group for research, a large number of observers is required. This is difficult to attract in a pure academic setting. In this project researchers from Gjøvik University College will collaborate with educators from Vitensenteret Innlandet, bringing together the top-level research done at Gjøvik University College and the unique position of Vitensenteret to carry out research on memory colours, while educating youth in the field of colour.

In the pre-project a pilot-experiment will be carried out, where data will be collected to analyze the feasibility of collecting colour science data in a science center. For the experiment to provide enough data it needs to be attractive and engaging for its users. This can be done through gamifying it, where game thinking and game mechanics is applied in a non-game context in order to engage and attract users. 

The project is financed by the Regional Research Fund Innlandet. 

Contact person: Project leader Marius Pedersen or Researcher Shida Beigpour

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