IQ-MED: Image Quality enhancement in MEDical diagnosis, monitoring and treatment

As indicated by its title, IQ-MED: Image Quality enhancement in MEDical diagnosis, monitoring and treatment, the core concept of the project enhancement of medical images, leading to better healthcare. The project is highly relevant and of great benefit to society. High quality of medical images are crucial in order to ensure the best possible diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of patients. The project is divided into four work packages. The first is an overarching work package on image quality enhancement, relevant for the three other work packages. The second work package focuses on enhancing the quality of capsule video endoscopy. The third work package is dedicated to image enhancement for more accurate navigation in video guided surgery. The last work package focuses on image enhancement in skin imaging.

The project includes several national and international partners, whom of each is renowned in their field and highly capable of bringing complementary skills. The innovation capacity and the number of innovative activities of the public sector actors increase through the collaboration with the relevant public sector actors, as Oslo University Hospital and Innlandet Hospital. This collaboration also facilitates and enhances the value creation through the utilisation of the research results in practice, It also ensures that the results are brought into practice fast and thereby benefit society.

The project  will support the education of 3 PhD candidates and 2 researchers holding a PhD will be employed. An extensive list of highly competent and relevant partners from Norway and abroad will contribute significantly to the success of the project, e.g. through an extensive mobility program.

The project is lead by the Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory at Gjøvik University College. Associate Professor Marius Pedersen is the project leader. 

List of partners: 

  • VU University Medical Center, the Netherlands
  • University of Paris 13, France
  • Oslo University Hospital
  • Sykehuset Innlandet
  • University of Girona
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